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Does the NHS have a car scheme?

If you’re an NHS employee or work in the public sector, you might be wondering if there’s a way to lease a brand-new car at a reduced cost. The answer is yes – the NHS does have a car scheme, managed by NHS Fleet Solutions.


This scheme offers an array of benefits, including no credit checks, no deposits, and significant savings through salary sacrifice. 

Discover how the NHS car scheme can provide you with a hassle-free, cost-effective way to drive the car of your dreams while enjoying exclusive offers and comprehensive coverage.

What is the NHS car scheme?

At its core, the NHS car scheme is a salary sacrifice scheme. This means you give up a portion of your salary in exchange for a non-cash benefit, in this case, a brand-new car. The lease lasts for either two or three years, depending on your preference.

The beauty of salary sacrifice is that it reduces your overall pay, meaning you pay less tax and National Insurance. If you’re part of your employer’s pension scheme, you might also contribute less towards your pension.

Features and benefits

One of the standout features of the NHS car scheme is that there are no credit checks or deposits required. This makes it accessible even if your credit history isn’t perfect. 

There are also exclusive offers available only to NHS and public sector colleagues, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Your monthly payments are deducted directly from your salary, keeping things simple and consistent. You’ll have access to all major car brands, so whether you’re after a sleek electric car or a reliable petrol or diesel vehicle, there’s something for everyone.

The scheme includes a comprehensive package: fully comprehensive insurance for you and up to four additional drivers, road tax, routine servicing, breakdown cover, windscreen and tyre cover. Plus, it’s all HMRC approved, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.


The NHS car scheme is designed to benefit a broad range of public sector employees, making it accessible and inclusive. NHS employees, including doctors, nurses, and administrative personnel, can participate, as can members of the police force, whether frontline officers or support staff. 

Local council employees, from social workers to administrative staff, are also eligible, as are educational professionals in universities and academy schools. 

Additionally, firefighters and other fire service employees can join, along with staff from various other public sector organisations that have registered with NHS Fleet Solutions

This wide eligibility ensures that many public sector employees can benefit from the cost savings and convenience offered by the scheme, which includes no credit checks or deposits

To be eligible, your organisation must be registered with NHS Fleet Solutions, allowing you to lease a new car without the hassle and enjoy exclusive offers and comprehensive coverage.

How to apply for the scheme

Applying for the NHS car scheme is straightforward. You’ll need to register on the NHS Fleet Solutions website and create an account. This involves entering your personal details and your organisation’s three-digit code.

Once registered, you can log in, obtain a quotation, and place your order. The website offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to browse cars by fuel type, body style, transmission, or budget. If you need help deciding, the ‘Help Me Choose’ section is a great resource.

When you find a car you like, you’ll enter your expected annual mileage, check the details, and if everything looks good, place your order. It’s that simple.

Cost and savings

The NHS car scheme offers significant cost and savings benefits for public sector employees through its salary sacrifice model. 

By opting for this scheme, you give up a portion of your gross salary in exchange for a brand-new car, which reduces your taxable income and, consequently, the amount you pay in tax and National Insurance contributions. 

This reduction can lead to substantial savings over the lease period. Your monthly salary sacrifice covers not only the lease cost of the car but also includes comprehensive insurance for you and up to four additional drivers, road tax, routine servicing, breakdown cover, and windscreen and tyre cover, all bundled into one straightforward payment. 

Although there is a tax liability due to the car being considered a company car, the overall savings typically outweigh this. 

Additionally, if you choose an electric vehicle, you can benefit from lower running costs, exemption from congestion charges, and further savings on Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) taxes

This comprehensive package ensures that you enjoy a hassle-free and cost-effective way to drive a new car while making the most of the financial benefits available through the scheme.

Additional offerings

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular, and NHS Fleet Solutions has embraced this trend. You can lease an electric car through the scheme and even opt to have a home charging point installed. This can be added to your order, spreading the cost over the lease period.

EVs offer numerous benefits, including lower running costs and reduced environmental impact. They also exempt you from congestion charges in clean air zones, saving you even more money if you frequently drive in cities.

Special offers are available on a range of electric cars, making now a great time to make the switch.

The NHS car scheme offers a cost-effective and convenient way to lease a new car, with a host of benefits tailored specifically for public sector employees. 

Whether you’re looking to save on tax and insurance, drive a brand-new car, or make the switch to electric, this scheme has something for everyone. Register today and find your dream car with NHS Fleet Solutions.

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