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Is My Vehicle An Ex-Taxi?

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can evoke both excitement and anxiety. Among the many concerns that arise during the purchasing process is the question of whether the vehicle was previously used as a taxi.


Discovering if your vehicle has a former life as a taxi is essential, as it can impact its overall condition, resale value, and even your insurance rates. In this article, we will explore various ways to determine if your vehicle is an ex-taxi and shed light on the potential implications.

1. Check the Service Records

One of the most reliable ways to uncover a vehicle’s past is by examining its service records. Request the maintenance history from the previous owner or the dealership where you are purchasing the car. Look for frequent service intervals or repairs that indicate heavy usages, such as regular brake replacements or engine repairs. An excessive number of service records might suggest that the vehicle was part of a fleet, possibly used as a taxi.

2. Inspect the Interior

A thorough inspection of the vehicle’s interior can provide valuable clues. Look for telltale signs such as a partition between the driver and passenger compartments, additional auxiliary controls, or unusual wear and tear on the seats and flooring. Taxis often have durable upholstery and heavy-duty floor mats to withstand constant passenger traffic. The presence of taxi-specific equipment or noticeable alterations might suggest that the vehicle has served as a taxi in the past.

3. Analyse the Exterior Appearance

The exterior of a former taxi might exhibit distinctive features or modifications. Check for remnants of roof-mounted signs or antennas, faded paint in specific areas where taxi signage was installed, or marks from decals that were once affixed to the body. Additionally, examine the condition of the vehicle’s body for any signs of excessive wear and tear, as taxis typically accumulate high mileage over a short period, resulting in more significant cosmetic damages.

4. Review the Title and Registration History

Carefully examine the title and registration documents of the vehicle. Some states or countries have specific notations or codes on the title indicating if a car was previously used as a taxi. If such information is absent, contact the relevant authorities to inquire about the vehicle’s history. They may provide you with insights or additional details regarding its previous usage.

5. Conduct a VIN Check

Performing a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check can reveal valuable information about a car’s past. Several online services provide VIN checks, allowing you to obtain a comprehensive report on a vehicle’s history. This report may include details about any reported accidents, ownership history, mileage discrepancies, and even if the car was ever used as a taxi. Utilising a reputable VIN check service can offer peace of mind and assist in making an informed decision.


Determining whether your vehicle is an ex-taxi is crucial for several reasons, including understanding its condition, value, and potential insurance implications. By examining service records, inspecting the interior and exterior, reviewing title and registration documents, and conducting a VIN check, you can unravel the clues and gain insights into your vehicle’s history. This is particularly beneficial if you plan to finance a taxi. Remember, transparency and knowledge are key when it comes to buying a used car, ensuring that you make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

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