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Ultimately, the decision between financing and buying a car outright comes down to personal preference. Consider your budget, how soon you can make payments on the loan if you choose to finance, and any other factors that could influence your decision.

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🏦 Search dozens of lenders

Searching for quotes and getting eligibility checks will not impact your credit score. If you choose to proceed, your lender will conduct a hard search prior to finalising your offer.

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We’ve partnered with Monevo who can provide you with access to dozens of lenders with tailored and competitive finance deals.

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With easy-to-fill application forms, you’ll be presented with car finance deals in minutes which will supply you with competitive car loan deals.

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Frequently asked questions

At Car Finance Saver, you can apply for car finance if you are over the age of 18 and have resided in the UK for a minimum of three years.

With so many different car finance deals out there, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when establishing what’s best for you. Car Finance Saver has partnered with Monevo to help customers find great car finance deals.

Initial eligibility checks may involve Monevo and/or the lenders completing a soft search of your credit report. This does not impact your credit score at this stage. The lenders will subsequently conduct a hard search prior to finalising your offer should you choose to proceed. The hard search will show on your report for 12 months.

Within minutes (yes, minutes!). Simply fill out the short application form and then choose from the list of trusted lenders presented to you. You’ll then be on the road to getting car finance deals. The finance could be with you within the same day, subject to lender approval and requirements.

Do you have your eye on a car? Great, it’s time to apply for a car loan! You will need personal details such as employment status, monthly income and information about the vehicle you wish to buy in order to complete the online application. The information provided will determine the list of lenders that may be able to offer you finance.

After you receive your quotes, it’s time to decide which one is best for you. Remember to compare the factors of each quote, judging them based on your individual needs.

Once you’ve made a decision, you’ll get sent through to the lender, who will then deal with your final application. Once the final application is approved, depending on the lender’s terms, you’ll receive the money for your next set of wheels. It really is that simple!

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